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1.Why do you use aluminum coil?

Answer: For good heat exchange: (conduct factor)
Al:, f=128btu/hr.ft.F
Steel, f=26.5btu/hr.ft.F
Zinc, f=65btu/hr.ft.F

2. How do you choose a freezer for your product, IQF tunnel, Spiral or blast freezer?

Answer: Based on your product type, size and processing requirement. But for right hand thrum, Fluidized bed IQF freezer is for vegetable and fruit,fishball,fresh shrimp ,etc Tunnel freezer is for seafood, meat, poutry, but capacity is less than 1t/hr, and holding time is short than 30min Spiral freezer is use for all kinds of product if the capacity is big and holding time is longer

3. How do you ship equippment?

Truck loading or container water shipping

4. Which port of China do we ship our equippment from?

Shanghai port, China

5. How long does it take to receive products after order is placed.


6. What method of payment do we accept?

T/T and L/C

7. Why IQF freezer?

Individual Quick Frozen , normaly refer to Fluidization quick frozen

8. What is your coil and air temperature difference?


9.What is your air flow type?

We have three kind of air flow pattern , vertical ,horizontal and mixed air flow.For single drum spiral freezer , vertical or mixed air flow Double drum spiral freezer, horizontal air flow IQF tunnel freezer , vertical air flow Straight tunnel freezer, mixed or vertical air flow

10. What is the advantage of vertical air flow?

Because the cooling air is direct went through the product , the heat exchange efficiency is high, the cooling down time is short

11. What is your freezer type ?

We use mechanical freezing system , friction drive of center drum ( low-tension theory ), not direct drive ( selfdecking system)

12. How should we choose freezer type?

For lower capacity and less investment capacity , you can choose Cryogen , but the running capacity is much higher Otherwise, mechanical freezing system is the best way

13. What is difference between yours spiral freezer and frigo-sefldecking spiral freezer?

We use friction of center drum to provide the main source of drive for belt , because of the large numbers times that the belt is wrapped around the drum, the system can be operated with a predictable belt tension.For frigo-selfdecking, the whole belt is collected together, direct drived on the bottow belt .

14. How long is your freezer useful life?

For main structure, soil , 20 years. For insulated enclosure is 10years

15. How long is your warrant time?

12 month after start-up, but not more than 15 month after installation