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Why energy efficiency is important in food cooling field


The utility plant is the heart of any food processing facility. Whether it is steam used for sterilization, pasteurization or sanitation, or cooling used for refrigeration, the... 2012|11|10
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Liquid nitrogen technology on IQF, Tunnel & Spiral freezers


A liquid nitrogen technology on IQF, Tunnel & Spiral freezers that is suitable for freezing and hardening fragile, soft or sticky products. The nitrogen saturation techniqu... 2012|11|09
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ABC of Tunnel freezer


The Tunnel Freezer of Aeroasia combines cryogenic refrigeration, indirect heat transfer and impingement technology. The unit does not require an exhaust fan like conventional c... 2012|11|09
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Cryogenic freezing usage in food processing field


Aeroasia IQF, Tunnel & Spiral freezer produces consistent, frozen, formed-shapes of sauces, purées, soups and other liquid food products. Suited for processors servi... 2012|11|09
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IQF: The Future Of Freezing


Though Big Island Abalone ships the vast majority of its products live, a growing segment of its business can be found in Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) products.

&nb... 2012|11|08
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Freeze & Chill Solutions of Spiral and IQF freezer For Meat Processing


Company's range of patented cryogenic freezing/chilling solutions can help meat processors obtain higher throughput and higher yields. Cryogenic technology uses high-effici... 2012|11|08
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High Speed Feeding Unit of Tunnel and IQF Freezers


Aeroasia feeding systems provide controlled feeding and product material handling to tunnel and IQF freezers. Constructed of stainless steel, the feeding systems are utilized a... 2012|11|08
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Continuous Flow System of IQF Freezers Improves In-Flight Food Production

Requirement of In-Flight Pasta Dishes


The difficulty lies in the pasta cooking and cooling process of IQF freezer. There are many different types of... 2012|11|07
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New type Tunnel Freezer improves Quality and Safety While Reducing Cost and Waste

A new solution on Tunnel Freezer,the first time, combines cryogenic refrigeration, indirect heat transfer and impingement technology.  The result is a product that is setting new standards ... 2012|08|24
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Spiral and tunnel freezing Technology Boosts Productivity


Poultry processors are under extreme pressure to boost yield and productivity while containing costs. Fortunately, those goals can be achieved all at the same time and more eff... 2012|08|24
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