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Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Spiral Freezer

specifications:Spiral Freezer
Place of Origin:Shanghai China



Special Features and Benefits 

Our liquid nitrogen spiral freezers are designed based on many years experience in food machine manufacturing techniques. The complete spiral freezer will be preassembled at the factory and disassembled in sections for shipping purpose. Therefore it can quickly reassemble at the job site. Our simple and practical spiral freezer design with robust construction will provide many years trouble free operation. The following are some of our special features and Benefits:


¨Hygienic Design:

All SS304 weld spiral frame and structures – eliminates hidden cleavages for Bacteria at product zone and provides ease of wash down.


Spiral freezer structure frames, tier carriers, spiral cage, air baffles and shafts are made of SS304 stainless steel. All constructions are for maximum sanitation and long life.


¨Pre-manufactured with all SS304 weld floor modules with slope for ease of wash down and drainage.

Our spiral freezer set the standard in hygiene and food safety, easy access to all components for cleaning and maintenance.


¨Customized Design these innovative features provide a spiral freezing system to efficiently handle a wide range of production capacities designed to  your specific needs.

¨Robust and reliable for long life and low maintenance


¨Modular design for easy and quick on site install


¨Water Cleaning system